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Maths Together Level: 3
Maths Together Level: 4
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Maths Together Level: 6
Addition & Subtraction


In this site we provide information on the following products: 

Number and Counting Rhymes and Jingles: A number and counting book for junior classes. It is photocopiable.

MakeSure Maths: A series of 8 learning workbooks covering the whole of the primary mathematics curriculum. Three assessment pages included. Answers are in removable centre section.

Maths Zone: a series of 8 textbooks for the pupil learning maths with the help of the Resource Teacher or Learning Support Teacher.

Maths Together: a series of 6 manuals from Junior/Senior Infants to 6th Class level.

Number Facts: a series of 3 books on Multiplication, Division, and Addition & Subtraction.

Tangrams: a hands-on book with lots of mathematical activity in shape and space.

Dictionary of Primary Maths: all the terms encountered at primary level.

Spelling Progress: a series of four spelling workbooks.

All of the above books were written by primary school teacher Florence Gavin MA(Ed).

Mental Health in Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Teachers.

All the books are published and printed in the Republic of Ireland

Metric Wooden Rulers: 25cm and 30cm school rulers.

You will find the prices of all items on the ORDER page.

Why not browse the site to see if we meet your needs? If you are a teacher you can place an order directly from this site and it will be dispatched within a couple of days. If you prefer, post your order or order by phone by calling us at 041-9831908 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

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